My mom and dad came and visited us on their way back from their road trip to the west coast. From what Natalie and I heard, they had a good time eating lots of cheeseburgers and cruising around in the convertible. It seems like now all of their kids are working they are just lolly gagging around.

We went to the BYU Marriott School opening social, visited the shave ice shack, played Rummy, and had an awesome Cannon Center breakfast. Mom broke the rules and took out about 20 scones! We were glad that they came down and slept on our floor.

This weekend we will spend time with Natalie's family. We are going to the BYU home opener and we are going to look for air soft guns. Rick will give a power point presentation on appraising so that I can learn some helpful things for my real estate class.


It's My Blog

So the last time I updated this bad boy was back February, approximately 152 days ago. It's amazing how quickly those days go by and how much has happened since the last post. To prevent a long-winded post about everything that has happened, let's do a Top 5!

5. 4th of July

For this holiday, the entire Sterling family gathered together in Fort Collins. It was a full house but it was fun to be with all the nieces, nephews and siblings! It's been a while since we have seen our Texas family so it was great to have them in Colorado. Only one person went to the hospital that weekend (better than I expected) and we didn't get sick of each other (I think). It was a fun reunion.


4. Date in Denver

For the Fourth of July, I made a trip out to Colorado for the aforementioned reunion. Trevor and I decided to have a little date before we joined the full house madness. We spent the day in Denver. Walked around the 16th Street Mall, ate at Chipotle (of course), Trevor showed me where he works, went to a Rockies game and stayed the night at the Hotel Teatro. We went to batting practice before the game because Trevor wanted to get a ball and this guy was like a giddy little kid when he got that foul ball! I love having Trevor and Natalie time.



3. My New Job!

I know what you are thinking, "Another one? Really?" Alright, alright, lay off me, I'm starving! Anyways, when I learned that I probably couldn't keep up with my Catering job (see #1), I applied to be a Hall Advisor on campus and by a miracle, I got the job. It has been fun, difficult, amazing and has definitely taught me a lot. I work with the best people and I am lucky to have this job. I told Trevor that I would like this to be my last job so hopefully no more posts about a new job of mine. ;)

2. Trevor's Internship

Trevor has been working for PwC in Denver and he loves it. He has learned so much and he keeps telling me how much he loves working on taxes (I married a nerd!). He has met a lot of great people and is really figuring out what he would like to do once he graduates. It has been a little hard, did I mention his internship was in Denver? But we have made it work. I am proud of him for working so hard. But it hasn't been too hard on him, he eats Chipotle every day for lunch!


1. Speck

We haven't really announced this on the world wide web but I've got a kid kicking around inside. I know, awesome right? My family calls the kid Speck. Our little sterling will debut around December 2. We have yet to find out if Speck is a boy or girl but we will find out soon. Pregnancy has been great and I like laying on the couch feeling the little kiddo kick around. So there ya go, that is the number one thing going on with us. And maybe we can blame Speck on the lack of blogging, I'd much rather lay on the couch! Or eat McDonalds (my only craving haha). I already love this little thing.

This picture is about 3 months old haha so hopefully my kid is a lot bigger than the gummy bear Speck was in this picture.

Well that's a pretty good update. I'll see you in 152 days!


2 for 1

I would love to say that I have been so busy the past week and that's why I haven't blogged very much. Sadly, I haven't been busy, nope, I just haven't had a desire to blog. But lucky for you, I am back. Here is a look at our V-day festivities.


My Valentine and I have had a bit of an expensive month (stitches are a beast) so we decided on a low-key valentines day. If you know me, you know where I wanted to eat for dinner - Chippys! {Sigh} Best. Place. Ever. I have a serious obsession but I am totally ok with it.

So we got ready and left for SLC.


{Sigh, again} We were excited to get some fat burritos. Chippy's has this awesome way of always making me happy: We get to the front of the line and see a sign that says "Buy one burrito, get one free for Valentine's Day" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Love.


We got burritos and chips and salsa and I fulfilled my Coke Zero craving, all for $10. We didn't even really talk at dinner, hahaha, we just enjoyed the goodness that is Chipotle.

My Valentine is awesome and took me on the best date i could ask for. We went home with food babies and a smile.


To my Valentine...

Dear Valentine,

You are the best Valentine I could ever ask for. Thank you for working so hard for our little family. You make me happy and I am one lucky girl to have you. I love you.


Your Valentine


Party, Party. They say its your birthday!

Holy crap, I am old. My sister just turned 19! Are you kidding me? I feel like she should only be like 12 or something. I mean seriously, I can't handle that my little sister is SO CLOSE to being done with the teen-age years.

I digress. Sorry.

February 8th was the special day. Trevor and I took Katie and her roommate Aliese to the Olive Garden. It was delicious.

Look at how cute she is.

Trevor gives 2 thumbs up to Katie.

The most beautiful roommates at BYU. For reals, both are hot.

Sorry, no pictures of yours truly. I stayed behind the camera that night.

Let me give a little recap of the day Katie was born. I was 5 years old. I don't really remember my mom being pregnant but I remember that night, Taylor and I were dropped off at Aunt Kit and Uncle Kennys house. It was awesome, like a sleepover party! Thats all I remember. I don't remember going to the hospital or anything, just the sleepover party. Sorry Katie. But we are glad you came into the world 19 years ago and we are glad you are in Provo now! Happy Birthday!


What happens in Vegas...

**WARNING: this post contains some serious bias and almost obsession with two little boys. You have been warned.**

When Trevor and I were packing up and leaving Vegas after Thanksgiving, my mom and sister-in-law Michelle kept asking, "When will we see you again?" We honestly had no plans or even reasons to go back to Vegas after the new year. So in December, I begged Trev to let me plan a weekend with the fam in January and being the awesome husband he is, he said ok! So, I flew down to Las Vegas for 4 days and had such a great time.

Michelle is such a good mom and prepped Jackson for my arrival. When I came to his house, he knew exactly who was coming and he was excited to see "Natawee!" Jackson just has a way of making you feel like a million bucks.

The weekend consisted of playing with Jackson and Landon, a makeover for the bathroom and more playing with the boys. My goal was to take lots of pictures and I was successful in taking lots of pictures of the boys.

I am pretty proud of this picture, no editing needed! The lighting is so cool and I love the composition of the picture. It's pictures like this that make me think I'm getting better at the photography thing! What a goof with his pink binky haha.

This cracks me up. After successfully scratching almost all of us, Grandpa took matter into his own hands. Landon was so sweet and just watched with big eyes as his finger nails were being trimmed. Excuse me while I go swoon over Landon's fat cheeks.


I'm pretty proud of this 3 day makeover. It was so fun. We painted, changed the faucet, changed the lighting, framed the mirror and just gave the bathroom a much needed update. It wasn't 100% finished when I left, some accessorizing was still needed but I love how it turned out!

I miss this weekend all ready. My family is crazy and I love them to death. Go here to see more of my boys.


The Freakin' Weekend

I love the weekends. I can talk Trev out of doing his homework and we get to hang out. It's a win-win... maybe? Well, here are some highlights from our eventful weekend.

Friday night, Trevor revealed that he didn't plan anything for a date. He was in BIG TROUBLE. So I did some searching around of what we could do and I had the best idea!


We went to Color Me Mine, the paint-your-own-ceramics studio. Trevor chose to paint a bowl and I chose to paint a vase.


Trevor painted Oscar the Grouch inside his bowl because he was being a grouch that night. He really was haha. Look at that artistic hand.


Then we just went home and watched the Nuggets get killed by the Lakers. It was a great night.

Saturday night, we invited Trevin and Allsion over for dinner and to watch the BYU Basketball game. Awesome win, cougs, and by cougs I mean Jimmer.

Of course, the weekend couldn't be complete without a trip to Macey's for some soft-serve! I was ready to get out of the house.




They give you ginormous cones for cheap-a-la-cheap. We wandered around the store and Trevor wanted to see if Dreyer's ice cream was on sale...


...as you can see, Trevor was seriously upset to find no sales in the ice cream aisle. Maybe next time, bud.

That's our weekend, I hate when the weekend has to end, but here we are. Happy Monday!